The launch of your product isn't an important event!

Photo by Adi Goldstein / Unsplash

[Disclaimer: hard truth 🙈] As me and my team launched our SaaS survey platform over a year ago, we thought about the launch of the product in this magical way where the world finally sees what we've built and everyone just uses our product because they waited so long for exactly this and the press goes crazy all over the our heads this was such a great event coming up.
But unfortunately this was not what happened. We finished all the programming, deployed the app, send out LinkedIn posts, emails to friends and everyone we knew; and waited in front of our computers for the first customers.
Two people signed up for our products free plan that day but for us it seemed like nobody really cared.

After this initial launch it took us a more than a few months to get in touch with more and more potential customers, eventually converted them to users of our platform and paying customers and improved the platform every day.
In hindsight the launch wasn't this special event where everything goes crazy like we imagined it. It maybe even was the most unspectacular part of the whole journey that started afterwards.

And talking with many others founders this was not only the case with our product but seems to be the normal reaction when you launch your product. The hard truth: the launch is not special.
And it doesn't need to be. Don't compare your launch with the launch-events of big corporations like the presentation of the new iPhone. In the startup world it's different. Do you remember the launch of Twitter? YouTube? Facebook?

Building a startup is finding out what product your customers need that solves their problem and how much they are willing to pay for that solution. And the launch is only the necessary part of starting that journey of exploration, testing, improving and getting better every day. And when you see that your few customers start getting crazy about your product: You can do a separate press launch to tell more people.

So maybe the first launch isn't this special moment you worked for so long; but it is special in a way that it starts an even more exiting journey. So if you haven't launched yet: Launch now, expect no reaction from the world and start working on your own amazing startup journey!

Matthias Nannt

Matthias Nannt